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Wedding Ring Selection Guide

"Am I selecting the right wedding ring?" is the most mysterious question for some. It is the most challenging decision for others. Forget about all the sophisticated criteria and shiny alternatives. Think simple;

We can start from the day of getting married. It is obvious that the most important day of your life so you wear a wedding dress. Is that mean you need a ring like your dress of course no. So we can eliminate big fancy stone rings that cover your finger. Now we know that we make it simple.

95 out of 100 using almost the same wedding ring, do you want to be part of this crowed? I guess no but you feel like you have to. Once you decide your ring there is no going back and you want to make sure it has to be right. The question is going round and round in your brain that "what if I don't like the ring that I choice other then standard simple band in the future?". And going back to old routine and select the old fashion and leave with it it forever.

Did I make you more confuse? If so lets start what can be done how to decide your wedding ring;

1. Keep it as simple as possible. Making it simple doesn't mean that just plain yellow or white band. I mean for simple, not too high, wide or not ergonomically comfortable. Don't forget you are going to wear it rest of your life.

2. Very big stones are looks fancy but in long term you will understand that it is not practically the best choice. The bigger the stone the more happier seller not you sometimes.

3. The materials, I heart from most of the couples it is not important for us. Actually it matters when you look your ring after 2 years. Most of the materials are not very easy to maintain the first look. So I recommend not to use bronze, plastic and copper. The most commonly used materials gold, silver and platinum. I can say if you have limited budget keep away from platinum. Please also note that silver is very common use material however in time you will see it will start getting matt or darker. So you need to visit a jewelry shop once a year.

4. The finishing, most of us love shiny colorful finishes. Do you want to keep this look very long time. So there is simple rule to follow for that. Keep away from coating, materials that gets faded, artificial stones. Please note that there is no polishing stays forever and it is applies to matt finishing as well. If you want nice looking wedding ring, I recommend to visit your jewelry designer for polishing or sanding.

Eventually, the decision is yours. When you come to that point, give yourself a time like 1-2 months. This helps you to calm down and make the best choice for you.

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