Being a Jewelry Designer

Become a Jewelry designer is not very simple task for me. Creating a design or producing something has to be unique. In order to fulfill "very easy looking task" is not that simple when you get into it. To make jewelry design you have to know ergonomics, different techniques, materials and how to combine all together.

There is a sharp difference between Jewelry Designer and jewelry producer. You can see tons of "jewelry design" in the market. Making circle and glue something that you find it from somewhere or make a metal to a round and set with full of stone all around. Doesn't matter how good you are with the technique that you apply. If you don't put a soul in it, it is just a piece of something that you can wear.

This is not about reading lots of books, learning techniques, making exercises, learning anatomy, and drawing plenty of sketches. First to get the idea, then move how to bring your dream to reality. Then you will start learning, reading, experiencing things that you are going to need. Actually, I believe it is not only apply to jewelry designers , it is apply to all designers. This helps you to build your future and help people to remember you.

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