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Welcome to Selda Okutan Design Studio

Selda Okutan Design Studio is a multidisciplinary company designs jewelry, sun glasses, statues, smoking pipes, objects and more. It is established in Istanbul 2009. Doesn't matter what we design wedding ring or an art piece, we believe in stories and to create something with soul and emotions together with high quality workmanship.

Our Philosophy

Believing is the center of everything. Everybody believe something. This is sometimes god, love, friendship, sadness, happiness, sometimes politics, philosophy and so on. With or without purpose we use it for almost anything in our life. Designing is our believe. As a Jewelry designer, we use all this things to create our designs.

Observation is the key to create something. Starting point of a design could be vary. However, the common point of all is express the feeling and belief. The ideas is sometimes war or pain, and sometimes love and friendship. Popularism and daily fashion is not a very good friend of our studio. We prefer to create under the power of freedom.

"Perfection in details is my goal.  In order to fulfil this aim, I research new techniques, equipment and materials.  I like to see people being surprised and the best way to do so is in the details.  I like the expression the devil is in the detail."

We are going to announce soon the new designs of Selda Okutan Design Studio...

Bebek Festival is one of the biggest and oldest art festival in Istanbul. Selda Okutan Design Studio regularly participate this event.
A sceen from Selda Okutan Design Studio. All of our design is producing here.
Bebek Festival 2016

We were in Bebek Festival this year. It was a great fun with good memories...

New Surprises on the Way
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